Co.Go: a fashion project, created by Maria Catia Cogo and Susanna di Filippo. It was born in 2013 when, after years spent improving her craft, the stylist decides to market her products – which she draws and sews herself. “Gonfia” was the earliest piece of clothing, a sober and simple skirt whose faith was to become Co.Go’s first iconic product.

This brand was inspired by an idea of timeless fashion, a craft to allow every woman to feel spontaneous and natural. With no exceptions. Looking for clean lines and structure. By drawing, it renovates; by sewing, it emphasizes Italian tradition’s passion and craftsmanship devotion.

Co.Go lives within every woman’s daily life, be it during a friendly night out, or an elegant reception. Every collection represents a fascinating story, developing through the years, into an emotional impulse towards passion, feeling, savoir-faire.