High quality yarns and inimitable Italian style are combined to make a unique mix, designed by handpicked. The excellence of the garments is guaranteed by the use of a high quality denim, produced with fine cottons cultivated using water-saving techniques. The result is an essential building block of the brand’s added value: fabrics with a unique feel, crafted with state-of-the-art weaving techniques.

The production process of five-pocket jeans involves about 100 different phases, mostly handmade: belts and belt loops are assembled manually, the copper buttons feature an artisan hammered effect and the backtag is hand-stitched. The complexity of the tailoring process triples or even quadruples the time normally required to make a standard pair of jeans. The five-pocket jeans come in a range of fits: slim, regular and relax, and the chinos include slim fit, jogging, relax and cargo versions. The buttons and rivets are copper, and the spigot grosgrain fly is available in various colours.