I come from an Italian family that has always produced fabrics and yarns, so it was quite natural for me to grow in that atmosphere. I started to work with old cashmere sweaters, disassembling, cutting, sewing and reediting them. My purpose was to create something new, fresher, defusing the boring attitude of a classic cashmere sweater. I have been doing this during my University’s years, almost as a game. Of course I was not good to manufacture all these works and so I asked for support to some of the oldest knitters that were working in my family Companies. The results were great! I used to wear them and many friends started to ask me how to buy. In that period I started to be attracted by Art, especially Action Paintings, Pop Art and French Nouveau Realism. I printed some cotton T-Shirts using that free inspiration and I felt quite happy of the results. But it was not yet that special new idea that I was looking for. Then I found an old white, light cashmere pull and I thought it could have been super cool once it had been printed.

And since I became also a “small” Art Collector, I called the new project “Printed Artworks”…The Brand it’s an alchemy of Art and Fashion. We print works of Artists like Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns, Banski (and many other contemporary artists) over light cashmere pulls, linen cotton T-shirts and maxi cashmere shawls. Everything is made in Italy, creativity, fabrics, and the special printing technique (our patent) that allow us to print over the final garments (handly, one by one…) This gives HR to the images, with an amazing quality, fully fashioned without interruptions. The distribution is super selected, even if we have just started few seasons ago, we work with Matches London, L’Eclaireur Paris, Corso Como 10 Milan, Savannah in Santa Monica, Deborah James in Florida and many other.